I was totally OK with the curry smell from the previous downstairs neighbors. I am totally NOT okay with people smoking on the shared stoop under my open windows. 

One of my favorite days of the year… going with a friend to get tested. Nerves already starting to act up. Every. Damn. Time.


Pretty sure 90% of the wedding party was under 21, and I also saw way too many supposed straight teenage guys grinding on each other. Sounds like something out of a homo’s fantasy, right?

It was a weird evening.

things I saw this weekend

It’s fine that you’re still with my ex, and living with him even. I’m starting to get used to that knife in my back.

The day was completely made when I saw you looking like utter shit, and the same goes for my ex.

Karma is so, so funny.


Hi, I’m not dead, just haven’t had much to talk about. So, I’m posting this picture of fun laser crazy from Lady Gaga on Sunday. Excellent night out.

Once again, not at IML and sick of hearing about it. Kthx.

lady gaga artRAVECleveland

It had been 3 months since my accident and I’m still in pain, which sucks a bit. I’ve seen my doc multiple times and go again next week. I’ve also seen my trainer who advised me to get a lawyer, so that’s my the agenda when I get home from visiting my family this weekend.

Speaking of this trip, I killed some major time and money when I got into town on Friday. New jeans are important, since I’m having trouble fitting into some of my old ones. I feel like I should be suing the other driver not only for the damage to my arm but because she’s causing me to get fat.

I also got caught in a downpour walking to my car after my retail therapy, which would have been cute if I hadn’t been overloaded with shopping bags and having to throw a bunch of wet stuff into my trunk. This is why I always overpack, even just for a weekend away.

My summer agenda is starting to fill up, which is nice. Many local and semi-local events, and hopefully a return trip to Toronto. I need to check on their Pride dates as I’d love to go after hearing great things from quite a few folks about it. I hate Columbus Pride for some reason, but George Takei is apparently our Grand Marshall this year so I think it would be great just for that… But eh, still way too many people I’d rather not see.

2014, so far.

This year has started off to be a wee bit of a shit show. I was in a car accident at the start of January. My not even 2-year old car was a total loss, but I’m mostly alright. My right arm has been sore, as it seems to have taken the brunt of the accident. I have a follow-up visit with my doctor this week to see what we do next. I’m mostly uncomfortable versus in pain right now. I’m glad it wasn’t worse. The same day of the accident, a very dear friend fell at work and broke her leg in two places, and she’s getting married in March - more on that in just a bit. Anyway, it has been a bit of a change, driving still makes me much more nervous than it ever has in the past, and some days I’d rather not leave the house because I get tripped out and fear the worst. I hate the waste of money due to someone’s stupidity, and I hate the distinct possibility that my right arm may never be quite “right” again, which is sad. Time will tell. I bought a new VW, this makes my 4th. Here’s hoping that I won’t have any more trouble… I need a car, and I’m quite tired of throwing money down the toilet.

I’m mostly stir crazy as I haven’t been able to work out and some things are still a bit problematic. I can at least carry my coffee and open doors without wincing in pain, so that’s a plus. Gaining 5 pounds however, is not a plus. We started a new diet, and I’m going to start running again this week, if nothing else. The beers I just consumed are not on this diet… but at the moment, I do not care. Small price to pay for dealing with family business this weekend.

Onto the wedding. I’m in it, and David is going with me. To Vegas. It’s a shorter trip than I wanted initially, but it made more financial sense. We had to work around a couple of other conflicts so it was the best we could do right now. Fortunately we have some other things building up on the year’s agenda, so we’ll have plenty of fun vacation time together. There’s a concert or two and another Toronto trip lined up so far. We loved Toronto last year and will be staying on a couple of extra days this time, and hopefully I won’t screw up the DSLR so my pictures turn out better.

I have some other less-interesting things in the works for the year as well, but they could turn into bigger, more amazing things. I like being cryptic.

Set my out of office to go live at 4pm.

Tax refund deposited today.

Ready for a weekend away.

I always feel like I have a million interesting things to say but when I finally have a free moment I can’t think enough to write something anyone would be interested in reading.


I took a little detour into my retro hobbies this weekend, thinking I’d get around to fixing my Duo 2300c which stopped booting before it went into storage. I removed the battery to find this lovely mess. I was considering trying to re-cell the battery, but it was in such a state and the plastic splitting certainly didn’t help. 

The machine boots in the Duo Dock Plus, but won’t boot from the AC adapter alone or plugged into the mini-dock. I’m coming the conclusion that the AC adapter may be dead, but I don’t have another to test with at the moment. 

I took the pictures at the start of the tear-down and didn’t document the rest of it. I disassembled the entire laptop to check for corrosion and make sure the AC port hadn’t split from the logic board. I have the Duo Dock apart as well, but I don’t have a screwdriver that’s long enough to release the captive screws to pop the case open. One of the spring clips for the laptop has come unattached and I need to fix it.

Next steps: proper flathead screwdriver, new/donor AC adapter.

apple vintage retro computing powerbook duo